Secret Santa Letter – Tips & Ideas

Secret Santa Letter – Tips & Ideas

In the United States, Thanksgiving is the traditional kick-off for hardcore Christmas planning and preparations. In fact, many people will spend part of their time Thanksgiving Day, putting up a Christmas tree and decorating their home. Writing secret Santa letters is a great way for kids to relax after their Thanksgiving meal. After all, there is likely to be a gathering of kids at the festivities – which allows them to work on their letters to Santa as a group.

In order to prepare for this event you should have some ‘tools of the trade’ available. This may include old Christmas cards, glitter, stickers, crayons, pencils, markers, glue, scissors, tissue paper, buttons, bits of ribbon, lace and fabric, etc. The idea is, kids like to make their secret Santa letters special and unique. Writing the letters to Santa often takes backseat to decorating the letters and envelopes.

If your Thanksgiving Day is anything like mine, it will include visits from family and friends – some of which, even though they are adults, will want to be involved in the secret Santa letter project. And the truth is, this can make the activity more fun for everyone.

Secret Santa letters are a great way to occupy the kids, but it also serves another purpose. These letters to Santa often include lists of the things kids want for Christmas. It can be a great way to get gift ideas.

Of course, some kids want their letters to Santa to be read only by him. And you should probably respect that.

But for any kid that writes letters to Santa, receiving a ready-made letter from Santa is a magical experience. You can find offers on this site from the leading online Santa letter provider. If you want to turn an ordinary day into a special experience I suggest you order letters from Santa for the kids in your life.

The letters are personalized and they are a great way to prove to your kids that Santa is real. Your kids will be thrilled with the letters and you will love the looks on their faces.

Another inexpensive way to show kids that Santa is real is to have photos of Santa in your house. There are also ads for that offer here at the site.

Getting back to writing letters to Santa – the kids will definitely want to ensure they get mailed. Arm yourself with Santa’s address at the North Pole. Kids expect adults to know those things. According to information found at Wiki Answers, you can use the following addresses:

Santa Claus

North Pole


Santa Claus

1 Reindeer Lane

North Pole


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